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Quince tree homage to art

Antonio Lopez Garcia is a contemporary Spanish artist considered by many (including Robert Hughes) to be among the greatest living painters. In 1992 he was the subject of a quirky film, in the English version, subtitled The Quince Tree of … Continue reading

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Carlindi, at the wonderful secret nursery Verdure Plants, suggested the answer to my seed raising troubles might be perlite and generously gave me some to try. I was reminded that I have, in fact, used perlite but mine was much … Continue reading

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I knew there was a path under there! After years of illness and neglect parts of my garden are so overgrown I am pruning with a chainsaw… Seriously. All I need to do now is figure out how to replant … Continue reading

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Climate change

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon. The middle number on the gauge is the temperature outside, the top one is inside. (For those who need a translation 48.3°C is 119°F.) The outside sensor is in the shade, nice and high, … Continue reading

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Monsieur Tillier

My favourite rose in the winter time would have to be the old tea rose Monsieur Tillier (also known as Archiduc Joseph – an argument I believe concluded by Lynne Chapman et al in Tea Roses, Rosenberg Publishing, 2008 – … Continue reading

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On weeding

The old tea rose Mrs BR Cant is 2m high, 5m wide, evergreen, fragrant and delightful surrounded by grasses, some with seed heads the same colour as her flowers. All I need now are few choice perennials and I am … Continue reading

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The Riot

Commenting on a post on The Gardenist prompts this one. The Riot is my playground – nine small beds in a formal layout with totally unstructured planting. It’s the place I plonk the impulsive onesies to see how they grow … Continue reading

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Slugs, snails and bobtails

It appears these ceramic snails are the only snails we have left. I have seen precisely one live one in the past two years (which I promptly squashed…). There are a few slugs to be found – but only a … Continue reading

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Weed trees and tenacity

This scrawny little tree was planted nearly 14 years ago at the centre of the First Garden. A simple circle with a path around it and a few roses around that. A little further out: a shelter belt of native trees … Continue reading

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Formal thoughts

I spent eight years turning a paddock into a garden.  Life interrupted and it rested for five years. The time has come for us both to recover. *** There never was a formal definition of what it was to be. … Continue reading

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