Carlindi, at the wonderful secret nursery Verdure Plants, suggested the answer to my seed raising troubles might be perlite and generously gave me some to try.

I was reminded that I have, in fact, used perlite but mine was much bigger lumps pressed into service, experimentally, as aggregate in a concrete sculture. It was supposed to make the concrete strong but light. Sadly, not light enough…

It was the sculpture that caused me much embarrassment when an unruly trailerĀ  jack-knifed itself in the carpark at Mindarie Keys. The mess of trailer, car and weighty sculpture were so mangled it requried the assistance of a posse of male artists to fix. It’s an unwritten law that one should be able to manhandle manouevre one’s own sculture.

Phi II

Phi II, 2008, concrete and stainless steel, approx 1m3

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